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UTC Intrusion Alarm System

EV1012PI - 12 m volumetric PIR/PI motion sensor

Intrusion Alarm


Aritech motion sensors have the most advanced and sophisticated mirror optics in the security industry. This unique optical mirror technology is a step and gliding focus which creates a continuous curtain resulting in a sensor that never loses track of the object. To increase detection coverage, the 1000 series sensors use the 3Brid orthogonal curtain design. This is a horizontal mirror structure that creates curtains with vertical orientation which detect IR. This orthogonal invention is the key in adding curtains to the mirror without sacrificing signal strength nor increasing the size of the sensor.


  • Passive Infra Red motion sensor
  • 3Brid Step & Gliding Focus Curtain mirror
  • Plug-in electronics
  • Sealed optics
  • ''5D'' signal processing for false alarm immunity
  • 15kg pet tolerance
  • Under crawl detection
  • Selectable coverage pattern using mirror masks
  • Auto focus with constant range sensitivity
  • No adjustment required for different mounting heights
  • Tolerates wall angle deviation
  • Certified EN50131-2-2 Grade 2
  • Several European approvals

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