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The central and the front panels are DIN 304-Grade satin finished stainless steel; lateral panels are standard grid 304-Grade stainless steel. Stainless steel and acrylic plates for both directions are provided with the top lid for covering reader devices. Adequate space is available under these plates for installation of various reader devices and wiring. Acrylic plates are recommended for the integration of RF units. On the front panels, graphical LED status displays of Green Arrow and Red Cross are provided as standard feature. In addition, an illuminated plexiglas layer under the granite top lid is included. At standby, the plexiglas layer illuminated in blue; during authorised passages it flashes green; when an unauthorized attempt is detected or during alert mode it flashes red.


  • Speed Gate designed especially for elegant locations aiming pedestrian access control and low-medium level security.
  • Provides improved access security through sensors.

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